Krav Maga Ground Defences

Uncovering Krav Maga’s Ground Fighting Secrets
Think Krav Maga is all about strikes and takedowns? Think again! While this self-defense system emphasizes staying upright, it also recognizes the reality of fights hitting the ground. That’s where Krav Maga ground fighting takes center stage, equipping you with practical, efficient techniques to survive and dominate from the bottom.

Why Focus on Ground Fighting in Krav Maga?

While avoiding the ground is ideal, unexpected trips, takedowns, or even environmental factors can drag you there. Krav Maga ground fighting teaches you:

Survival: Escape pinning positions, prevent strikes, and create opportunities to regain your feet.
Control: Leverage your body weight and technique to maneuver your opponent and create advantageous positions.
Offense: Execute strikes, joint locks, and chokes to neutralize the threat and end the fight decisively.
Key Aspects of Krav Maga Ground Fighting:

Simplicity: Techniques are designed to be intuitive and effective, even under stress.
Aggressiveness: Proactive attacks and counters keep you in control and prevent prolonged ground battles.
Multiple Attacker Awareness: Krav Maga prepares you for real-world scenarios, including potential attacks from multiple assailants while on the ground.
Essential Ground Fighting Techniques in Krav Maga:

Shrimping: Moving laterally to escape pins and create space for maneuvers.
Bridging: Pushing your torso off the ground to disrupt your opponent’s balance and regain control.
Frame Control: Using your arms and legs to maintain space and prevent strikes.
Ground Strikes: Effective elbows, knees, and hammers to create openings and deter aggression.
Escape Techniques: Specific movements to break out of common holds like mount, side control, and back control.
Submission Holds: Joint locks and chokes to subdue the attacker and end the fight.
Training for Ground Fighting Success:

Start with Fundamentals: Master basic drills and movements before progressing to complex techniques.
Drill Under Pressure: Practice with a resisting partner to simulate real-world scenarios.
Conditioning is Key: Build strength, flexibility, and cardio to maintain control and execute techniques effectively.
Remember: Ground fighting is an integral part of Krav Maga’s well-rounded self-defense approach. By dedicating time to training and understanding its core principles, you’ll develop the confidence and skills to navigate any situation.

Ready to dive deeper? Find a reputable Krav Maga school near you and start your journey to ground fighting mastery!